Betty's coupons for July

8 Coupons for most Old Spice Products

Holy Smoly! We’ve got 8, count em 8 Old Spice coupons this month. Everything from shampoo to aftershave, whatever you need there is a coupon for it. Check them all out below

Mucinex Coupon for Allergy Relief

Grab this coupon while you still can. You could save $6.00!! For anyone who has to take allergy relief products we know how expensive they can get, especially during peak times of the year. Cheers to clear eyes and dry noses!

Hasbro coupon with Duracell Purchase

Don’t miss out on this deal for Hasbro & Duracell. Save $8.00!! when you buy a 6 pack of Duracell batteries. See the details below

Hefty Coupons for Trash & Slider Bags

I found two printable coupons for Hefty products. One is for trash bags and the other is for their slider bags. Everyone needs them, so you should save the next time you have to buy them.

Coupons for Herbal Essences Collection

Here are some lovely coupons for that mane of yours. I recently bleached my hair so I know I’ll be printing these babies out as my hair needs all the tlc it can get. Herbal Essences really takes care of your hair, and the additional Styling Aid coupon is a real steal. Check out how to get yours below.

Aveeno Coupon for Sun Care

Oh the summer sun. While it can be fun to go on the lake you really need to care for you skin first! I’m nursing a pretty bad sunburn right now because silly me forgot to put on any form of sunscreen. Ouch! Make sure you snatch this coupon up before your summer outing and save yourself some money and pain, now if you’ll excuse me I must find my aloe gel.

Save $1 Off Two Ziploc Bags or Containers

There is a great printable coupon out this month that allows you to save on Ziploc bags OR containers – mix or match and you’ll save $1 on two. In some cases you may be able to combine this offer to save more. For example, Target shoppers can combine the Cartwheel offer to save $1 off then 5% off. Also, Frys and Kroger shoppers can use the coupons on their transaction, then save on their next purchase with a Catalina coupon. Lots of great ways to save on Ziploc! Enjoy the savings below.