Betty's coupons for February

Below is a collection of coupons I've found for February. To make things easier head on over to Bargain Bin Betty's Coupon Database to search for specific coupons.

2 ways to save on Eight O’clock coffee

I found two ways for Eight O’Clock Coffee lovers to save on their brew. If you’re a K-cup user make a trip to CVS this week and grab a box for $5.99. Ground coffee brewers can grab a whole bean or ground 12 oz bag at Marc’s stores for only $3.99 with your printed coupon. Enjoy your savings and your java

Folgers Ground Coffee only $2.50

Folgers is good to the last drop and being able to save money on it is also a good thing. I’ve spotted it on sale at Marc’s stores and found a SNEAK PEEK Walgreens weekly sale. Check out below how you can save now and later on your Folgers coffee

Save on Ragu Sauces at Marc’s

No Ragu coupons floating around yet this month but there’s still savings to be had with the sale at Marc’s stores. This week they have the 16 ounce pasta jars for only $1.50 and the large 66 oz jars for $3.99. You can also grab a pizza sauce for under $1.00. Grab a few jars and a box of pasta and you’ll have dinner put together for just a few dollars and no coupons needed