Betty's coupons for October

Below is a collection of coupons I've found for October. To make things easier head on over to Bargain Bin Betty's Coupon Database to search for specific coupons.

Save $1 Off Two Ziploc Bags

The main coupon out this month will save you $1 when you buy two Ziploc brand bags – a staple in my house, I’m not sure about yours! This coupon is available as a printable and also as a digital coupon on various store websites, but please remember that these cannot be combined. Target shoppers also have a chance to save on Ziploc containers with a new Cartwheel offer.

Save on Original Yoplait, Mixins, and Kidzone Products

Whether you’re buying for an adult or for a kid, you’ll find plenty of Yoplait savings this month. We found one of our old favorites – the $0.40 off six Yoplait yogurts (any variety), as well as some coupons for their fun kids products and the yummy Mixins. If you shop at Target, you have the opportunity to combine these coupons with a Cartwheel for extra savings.

Save on Liberte, Fage, and Activia Yogurt

Some of your favorite yogurt brands have coupons out this month. We found a Liberte Greek yogurt coupon on, and Target shoppers can also save on Fage and Activia. I threw in the coupon for Greek Yogurt PlumSweets in case you want a different sort of a yogurt snack. These are dried plums covered in a creamy Greek yogurt coating. I’ve never tried them before, but they look pretty good!