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Knowing Your Coupons Cutting coupons out of magazines and newspapers and even printing them off to some may seem like a huge waste of time, but to many of us they are a great way of saving a little bit…

Knowing Your Coupons

Cutting coupons out of magazines and newspapers and even printing them off to some may seem like a huge waste of time, but to many of us they are a great way of saving a little bit of money. And as we all know if you keep saving a little bit of money it soon turns into a nice big chunk of change. Today we are going to look at a few of the various different coupons out there and some tips on how to spot fakes.

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Different Types Of Coupons

1. Manufacturers Coupons

Most commonly you will get these types of coupons in your daily and Sunday newspaper. I would say that these are the most commonly used coupons that are taken into stores. The way these work are for example lets just say Pepsi are offering buy one get one free deal with a coupon. You would cut it out. Making sure not to cut the barcode or damage any information and hand it over to the store clerk. The store actually does not lose any money on these types of coupons as they are paid back by the manufactures plus a little something for there trouble.

2.Store Coupons

A store coupon is exactly what you would think it is. A coupon that is handed out by a specific store. 99/100 the coupon will have the stores branding all over it. In most cases you will get one of these after you had bought something from the store. If you play it smart in many cases you can use a store coupon in conjunction with a manufacturers coupon and really save some serious money or in some cases get something free. This is one of the great skills you need to learn if you want to get serious about saving with coupons.

3.Printable Coupons

These can be either manufactures or store coupons. They are basically the same thing except you get them off a website and print them off yourself. Make sure they are printed in high quality as some stores are a bit iffy about taking printed store coupons that are hard to read. Also they will need to be in colour as well.


These are what your store card is for. The majority of super markets these days have a store card that after you have bought your shopping will then swipe it giving you points on the card. You can usually either use these points directly off the card. Or in some cases you will be sent out a book of coupons in relation to how many points you have.


These are given to you at the check out usually at the same time when you get your receipt. They are a way to try and get you to buy the same products and shop at the same store again. Many people throw these away with there receipt, but they actually can result in some very big savings.

How Do I Spot A Fake Coupon?

It can be very embarrassing to waltz up to the check out with a coupon you think is going to save you some money only for it to then turn out to be fake. You either have to do the walk of shame and take your shopping back or you can pay up. If you know how to spot a fake coupon then you can avoid this fate. Also with this knowledge if you know for a fact that your coupon is real you can show them the evidence to back this up.

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First of all if your printing a coupon do not print it in black and white. For a start the majority of retailers will not accept a black and white coupon and the reason for this is simple. Behind the expiry date on a coupon should be a series of little yellow dots. What this is is a watermark that lets you know it is real. Not all have this watermark. Some of them will have a large one in the background. Either way make sure you print it out in colour.

Most coupons will have an individual serial number. This is because stores will not accept photo copies of the same coupon. If have lets say five coupons for one object you can show them that the different serial numbers as proof they are not photo copies.

Most coupons will have information for the retailer if they are unsure if the coupon is real or not. In most cases you should not come into any problems, but its always best to be prepared in case they do.

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