Below is a list of recent Health Care coupons I’ve found for this month. If you can’t find the coupon your looking for check out Bargain Bin Betty’s Coupon Database.

$1.00 Prilosec Coupon for October savings

There’s a new $1.00 coupon out this month to help you save on Prilosec. That’s a little smaller in value than normal but you can use it on ANY Prilosec product, no large quantity to have to buy to save. Gather them and use on the smaller 14 count boxes and still keep a little $$$ in your pocket and the burn out of your heart

$18 in Osteo Bi Flex coupons + BOGOF sales

If the cooler October weather is making your joints a little more achey then you’ll definitely want to grab the savings on Osteo Bi Flex products this month. There is $18 in coupon savings and many retailers offering a Buy One Get One Free weekly sale. Combine the coupons with the BOGOF and you’ll be saving a bunch and helping your joints feel a whole lot better

Knock out mucus with Mucinex & save up to $10.00

It’s just the beginning of FALL for many of us and that means colds, flu, sinus and congestion are just around the corner 🙁 If you’re suffering early be sure to take advantage of the early October Mucinex savings to help you save $$$ and feel better. Mucinex coupons often pop up randomly throughout the month so as soon as I see more come around I’ll let ya know

Osteo Bi Flex Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

Stiff and sore joints from all the hard work this summer or maybe from the changing temps in the weather?….well at least you can find relief in Osteo Bi Flex and save $$$ too. I’ll keep my eyes open for future coupons but right now you can take advantage of the Buy 1 Get 1 FREE store offers available. I’ll stay on the look-out for more savings and if you find any, feel free to post in the comments section below

$2.00 Mucinex Coupon to print & download

Get rid of that pesky end-of-summer cold and save $2.00. The Mucinex coupons are a bit sparse during the warmer/hot months, I guess they don’t think people still suffer from the cold bug when it’s not cold outside. Luckily I still found a few ways to save $2.00 in September if you have the sniffles. There is a coupon to print, a Dollar General Digital coupon and a Walgreens Clip-to-Card coupon. Hopefully a cold doesn’t have it’s hold on you but if it does at least you can save a little bit of $$$ and get relief