Snag a NEW Jell-o Simply Good Pudding or Gelatin for $0.25

There are some super easy and cute recipes that can be made with Jell-o gelatin and pudding mixes especially with Easter right around the corner and there’s great sales going on right now which makes it all the better. You can grab yourself a NEW Jell-o Simply Good pudding or gelatin pouch for only $0.25. They’re on sale for $1.00 at Giant Eagle and once you submit for the $.75 Checkout51 cash back you’re getting it for just some loose change. Boxed pudding and gelatins are also on sale for under $1.00 so if desserts are in the making, stock up on Jell-o and save

NEW Jell-o Simply Good for only a Quarter

If you haven’t tried the NEW Jell-o Simply Good puddings and gelatins now is definitely the time. If you hurry to Giant Eagle you can pick up a packet for only $.25 !! Yes, only a quarter !! How can you not take advantage of that awesome offer. You only spend some loose change and get a yummy dessert to BOOT !!