3 coupons this month for Palmolive Dish Liquid and Eco+Gel Dishwasher Detergent

Every little bit counts these days and each of these Palmolive coupons will save you just that…. $0.25/1 and $0.50/1 will definitely add up! Now is the time to try some the other Palmolive liquids, like one of the of the ‘Scent Essentials’ or maybe the Dish + Sink, Pure + Clear or Multi Surface formula… find the one that’s right for you!

Palmolive coupons are pretty scarce this month – only one Ibotta offer…

I’m checking daily for more coupons… hopefully, like the Spring flowers, new coupons will pop up soon!

So many Palmolive Dish Washing Liquid varieties… not so many coupons. Still tough on grease, gentle on hands.

If you’re in need of dish washing liquid why not give Palmolive’s Soft Touch a try? With four heavenly scents (Almond Milk & Blueberry, Coconut Butter, Aloe and Vitamin E), there is one that is bound to be your new favourite. Fans are raving about how wonderful their hands feel after doing the dishes or even hand washing delicates with Soft Touch… Heck – it even has it’s own Pintrest page!! Even if this variety is not for you there are 14 other Palmolive dish washing liquid varieties to choose from and 2 Eco+ Gel dishwasher detergents.