Palmolive Savings at Rite Aid and Target

The only ways to save on Palmolive this month are happening at Rite Aid and Target. The Rite Aid coupon is a store coupon, redeemable only at Rite Aid locations. You can print your coupon by watching a short video, as part of their Video Values program. On top of that there are two Target mobile coupons that you can get by sending a text. I don’t know how long these text programs are running, so if you send a text and don’t get your coupon, please let me know in the comments and I’ll update the post. Thanks in advance for your help!

3 Store Coupons for Palmolive

Yes, you read the title of this post right – I was only able to find three Palmolive coupons this month, and they are all store specific. Just wondering – do we have any Safeway, Vons or Meijer shoppers out there? Let me know by commenting below!

Palmolive Catalina Deal at HEB

It’s a pretty slow month for Palmolive coupons, but I was able to find a cool Catalina offer for HEB shoppers. From June 11 through June 24 you’ll be able to get a $5 coupon to save on your next shopping trip when you purchase $15 in participating items – and Palmolive is included. I’m not sure why this Catalina is restricted to HEB only – but I hope it will help out some of our readers! Tell me in the comments below – do you have an HEB store in your area?

Palmolive Coupons – April 2014

There are some print coupons and some Target text coupons out this month. Get the details below. – To get this coupon, click on the picture below. This will open up where the coupon has already been clipped…

Palmolive Target Text Coupons – March 2014

There are no printable coupons for Palmolive products this month, so for most of us, the only chance to save on this dish soap will be to look for a good sale. However, if you have a Target store in…

Palmolive Target Mobile Coupon – February 2014

Yes, the headline of this post should indicate a sad reality of Palmolive coupons in February – there are NO printables available. Despite this, I was able to find a mobile coupon – simply text and the coupon will be…

Palmolive Coupons – October 2013

There is an amazing way to save on Palmolive this month, via an e-coupon that is available 15 different stores! The coupon is part of a promotion called Pick Up the Values., and when you buy 5 of select Kimberly…