Palmolive Dish Soap only $0.74 at Walgreens

You might be washing extra dishes throughout this holiday season causing you to run low on your Palmolive dish soap. If so, this is the time to grab a few extra bottles at Walgreens stores and they’ll only run you $0.74 with their weekly sale and digital store coupon.

Get your Palmolive coupon Prints NOW !

Hurry and get your printers ready to print the Palmolive coupon before it’s gone. It’s only for $0.25 but many stores run $.99 cent sales on Palmolive dish soap so if you have your coupon ready and in~hand you’ll only pay $0.74. Print a few coupons and grab a few Palmolive soaps and you’ll be ready to wash dishes 🙂

Clean dishes + money saved with Palmolive

Get your dishes squeaky clean AND save $$$ too when you buy Palmolive this month. Either clip, print or download your Palmolive coupons to save on your dish soap. Full details of savings below