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Spring has sprung and with it comes the perfect time to brighten up your smile 🙂 April is starting out with a clippable $5.00 Crest Whitestrips coupon in the P&G Brandsaver Insert. Combine that with CVS’s weekly deal giving you $10 in Extrabucks to boost your savings to $15.00. Walgreens will save you $5.00 with their store coupon and Amazon shoppers can save $5.00 with their online coupon. More sunshine means more brighter smiles 🙂

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Get ready to flash your whiter Spring smile and save money too 🙂 March has brought us a NEW $5.00 Crest 3D whitestrips coupon. You can save at Amazon, Target, Giant Eagle and more. The best savings this week can be found at CVS where you can combine your $5.00 P&G coupon with their $15 weekly sale. Save $20 and flash those pearly whites 🙂