Save on Soup, Recipe Starters, and New Progresso Chili

Progresso has a new product out, just in time for the chilly fall and winter months. The new product is Chili and it is being sold in pouches like the Recipe Starters sauces. This month there are coupons to save on this new product, as well as coupons to save on Recipe Starters and soup. It’s time to stock up for the colder months, so get your printers out and ready!

Save on Progresso Soup and Recipe Starters at Various Stores

The Progresso coupons of the month are store-specific. At Publix and Target you’ll be able to save on the Recipe Starter pouches, great for making a quick but delicious meal on a busy work night. And at Publix and Safeway you’ll be able to save on Progresso Soup. Let’s hope for a better selection, and maybe some general manufacturer printable coupons next month. Summer is fading fast, and it’s almost time to stock up on soup for the colder months.

Progresso Recipe Starters Coupon + Store Offers

In addition to some digital and insert coupons, there is a printable coupon out this month that will allow you to save on Progresso Recipe Starters. Have you tried these yet? They used to be packaged in a can (like the soups) and now they are in pouches. They come in 5 different flavors and have recipe ideas on the back – quick but yummy dinner options.. Who out there has tried Recipe Starters – and what did you think?

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