Save on Progresso Soup & Chili

Progresso products are great during the winter month – nothing like warming your bones with a bowl of hot soup, and now they offer chili pouches too! I found coupons for soups, chili, and Recipe Starters, all listed below and ready for you to print out.

Save on Progresso Soup, Recipe Starters, and Chili

Progresso has been expanding their product line beyond soups in the past few years, and this is really demonstrated with the coupons out this month. This is a good month to print the coupons and stock up on soup, Artisan soups, chili, and Recipe Starters – all great items that will warm you up during the cold months that are coming.

Save on Soup, Recipe Starters, and New Progresso Chili

Progresso has a new product out, just in time for the chilly fall and winter months. The new product is Chili and it is being sold in pouches like the Recipe Starters sauces. This month there are coupons to save on this new product, as well as coupons to save on Recipe Starters and soup. It’s time to stock up for the colder months, so get your printers out and ready!