Save up to $22.00 on Claritin

There are all kinds of allergies not only seasonal so if you need to take meds all year long you’re definitely going to be looking for savings. Luckily Claritin will help you with that savings. Visit their official website at and you’ll be able to print $6.00 in coupons and get $12.00 in coupons just for joining their FREE Blue Sky Living. There is a printable $4.00 coupon for ClariSpray and last but not least, Walgreens and CVS have Claritin on sale. Let’s get Claritin clear AND save $$$$ too, you’ll feel so much better 🙂

Save on non-drowsy Claritin at

~~ Printable ClariSpray Nasal Spray Coupon ~~    and    and

Save $4.00 on Non-Drowsy ClariSpray Nasal Allergy (120 Sprays Only)

Walgreens with card Sale December 4th thru 10th ***** $19.99 Claritin: 30 ct. • Children’s, 20 ct. or 8 oz. • D, 15 or 20 ct.

CVS with card Sale December 11th thru 17th **** $19.99 WITH CARD **** 9 different Claritin Products

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