For those people who learn better by watching someone else do things then reading about it. I’ve put together a list of video’s that should help you learn the in’s and outs of couponing. I’ve sorted over hundreds of videos and found some of the best one’s that I thought were the most useful these include topics like how to make a coupon binder and how to coupon stack. If your new to collecting coupons I recommend you check out all the video’s below as each one has a different ideas and information related to couponing.


       How to Store Coupons                                  How To Coupon Stack                           How to Make A Coupon Binder


     Couponing For Real Life – Week 1           How to Properly Stockpile – Week 3                What’s A Sale Cycle – Week 3

If you like Linets videos and would like to see more aobut how she collects coupons check out her blog at she’s done done a tone of videos one every week I’ve watched them all and they are very helpful. I’ll be adding more videos as I find them if you guys find a video that you found helpful send it to me so I can add it to our list of how to coupon videos.

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